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It is possible to find social security number of a person using his name. If the person under scrutiny is 21 years old and has established credit the online SSN search services guarantee to return his SSN. In case someone wants to look up the SSN of a person who is not alive he can verify through the SSN Validator whether the SSN was actually issued to the subject person. In case it was issued the Validator can provide further information regarding the date of issue of the SSN, place of issue and also whether there is any death record pertaining to that SSN. Alternatively one can search the Social Security Death Index on In order to find social security number the Social Security Number Verification Service of the government also can be used. The other places where one can search the SSN include professional licensing records, court records, death records etc. One can also search the SSN on the websites of various online search services and they will charge the users for the searches.

There are various methods to find social security number of an individual with or without his or her knowledge. However it must be for legally permissible purposes only. Every year there are too many incidents of identity theft in the US and millions of Americans fall victims every year. The accessibility of personal data on the internet is the reason for most of the identity thefts. The Social Security Number Registry ensures security of the personal identity. The Registry helps the users to detect improper uses of SSN online. Once the information is identified they will take the same offline. The users can search on the website of the Regisry after filling up the online form. The search can be done using the name as well as state of birth of the person. The SSN of the person is not asked for security reasons.

Why to find social security number?
There can be various legal reasons for a person to look up the SSN of another individual. It can be for a debt collection, judgment recovery, child support, criminal investigation, 1099 filings, military affidavits etc. There is a list of the permissible purposes for requesting the search of SSN. They include any official government procedure, identity fraud, criminal or civil investigation, fraud investigation, to confirm whether the subject is in active military service, child support, verification of the employee’s basic credentials by the employer, verification of the tenants credentials by the landlord or any official tax documentation. This is a restricted search and those who are found guilty of making the search without any legitimate reason will be charged in the court for invading the privacy of others.

There are many websites that provide the search facility to find social security number. The clients will be interviewed prior to the search and they are required to provide valid proof for the purpose of the search as well as its legality. The name of the subject, age and last address and SSN are to be provided in order to conduct the search. These systems are 10% secured and the searches are private as well as confidential.

There are many online services that offer the facility to find social security number either free or for a minimal fee. The applicant must ensure that his purpose of the search is legitimate.

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