How to Find a Social Security Number

Social security number is a unique identification number that serves as a security measure for people living in the United States. This unique 9 digit number is issued by the Social Security Administration and is assigned to every citizen of the United States, working individual, and people residing permanently. With the increase in threats and frauds, finding a social security number to identify a person has become popular. 

Finding a social security number can be difficult but there are many ways that can help you find this number. Plus, every individual has a different purpose to know find of finding this number. Let us look at few ways that can help us find a social security number.

• One of the best ways to find a social security number is to visit the official website of Social Security Authority, which offers this service. This website provides two options; with the first option you can verify up to 10 names or social security numbers. This options proves to be effective for organizations to identify their new employees. Second option provides the freedom of uploading files for up to 250,000 names and the related result will be available on the next government working day.
• Another way is to hire a private organization who cater such kind of services and can help you identify a person.
• There are numerous online services that can help you find a social security number of a person. These services check records and pulls the required information from various database to which they have access. Besides, these online services will also be able to provide additional information regarding that person. You need to provide basic information about the applicant like name, last address, and age. 

There are also many Legal purposes of knowing a Social Security Number of an individual:
• One of the most common purpose of using a SSN is to check the background of an individual and to get information about his present and past records, criminal records if any, and more. 
• Social security number is also required for debt recovery, military affidavit, to support a child, 1099 fillings, and more. 
• It can also be useful for landlord who wish to check the background of his tenant.

However, if a person tries to find a social security number without any legitimate reasons then this act can be considered illegal. Moreover, the person will have to pay for this action and to disturb the privacy of an individual.

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